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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope




Ever since the Sun, Venus and Jupiter slipped into Gemini and your undercover eighth house last week, you’ve been enjoying your status as the world’s most mysterious sign. Vibe check: Have you been dimming your lights to let others shine, Scorpio? That’s not doing anybody any favors, so make sure you don’t fly too low under the radar. Should that be happening, an equalizing Pisces quarter moon will pull you back into the public eye this Thursday, May 30 as it lands in your fifth house of fame, flamboyance and flirting. False modesty does not become your magnetic and intense sign. Allow yourself to bask in the warm glow of a recent accomplishment and share it with the world. This isn’t about putting your ego on display or yourself before others. When you acknowledge yourself and the fact that you belong in the sphere of the movers and shakers, you can own your position as an inspirational role model. Believe it or not, others are looking to you for motivation. And when you share your “how I did it” story, you encourage them to grab for their own brass ring.

This quarter moon can also bring an opportunity to look at the balance between power and surrender in your life. If you’re a classic Scorpio who always has to be in control, feel how exhausting that is. Let someone else make a few decisions: You’ll empower them AND give yourself a mental break! For Scorps who’ve been in a romantic rut, these restorative moonbeams can spark forward momentum in your love life. Wherever you’re dissatisfied, you’re ready to take concrete action, whether that’s broaching the “where’s this going” question with your sweetie or getting into a more serious swiping state of mind.

Pay attention to any intuitive hits you get on Sunday, June 2, when truth-beacon Jupiter gets into a supportive trine with your cosmic ruler, psychic-sleuth Pluto. As the two planets dance into a rare 120-degree angle in the zodiac, they’ll deliver strong gut feelings and divine downloads in equal measure. Do your detective work to follow up on any hunches. Yes, you could find a snake in the grass, but you can just as easily locate a diamond in the rough. Be stealthy but not so secretive that you arouse suspicion. Asking direct questions might get you the answers you need, especially since both planets are in communicative, data-driven air signs.

Sunday is also an ideal day for a sentimental voyage. Reconnect to a powerful woman from your past or even an influential family member you’ve fallen out of touch with. Money-wise, you could lock into a savvy investment opportunity, perhaps one involving real estate. Possibilities that are activated this weekend could kick into high gear quickly, so carpe diem. This trine hasn’t happened since 2016 and won’t come around again until 2028!

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