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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope




Last week, your ruling planet made a monumental move into Gemini, putting relationships in the spotlight for a full year. “So many people, so little time” may already feel like your mantra, as the invites pour in. That, Sagittarius, makes it all the more essential for you to get your home base in order. Prioritize domestic duties this week, because on Thursday, May 30, an equalizing quarter moon in Pisces in your home zone may inspire you to take inventory of Chateau Centaur. Top goal: Come up with a plan for feathering your nest so it feels like home sweet home rather than a pit stop in between your buzzy work and social life. There are days—weeks—when your casa is more like a place to recharge your batteries AND catch 40 winks than a personal sanctuary, but even you, the globetrotter of the zodiac, has a deep-seated need for a place where you can retreat from the world and get lost in your own thoughts and creativity.

Small changes in your environment can spark a huge internal shift. Start with the obvious: Do you need a professional-level cleaning job or a serious decluttering mission? If you can’t clear the decks in one fell swoop, can you tuck most of it away in closets, drawers and maybe one lovely armoire-style piece of furniture (even if you have to buy one this weekend)? Under this lunar light, your inner circle of friends and family will come into sharper focus. If you’ve been remiss in nurturing those bonds, send a text, make a video call or—best idea of all—make a plan to get together in person before summer ends. Your loved ones are your true riches, and you don’t want to keep putting off making deposits in your emotional bank account!

You could talk your way into a VIP opportunity this weekend, so unleash your charms, Archer! This Sunday, June 2, marks an ultra-rare trine between your ruler, live-out-loud Jupiter and magnetic Pluto. This is the first time since 2016 that these two planets have met up like this and it won’t happen again until 2028. Don’t squander the opportunity to make your elevator pitch if the moment comes up at brunch, a casual barbecue or anywhere you plant yourself socially.

Pluto is parked in Aquarius and your third house of communication while seductive Jupiter is percolating in Gemini and your committed relationship zone. Together, they’ll turn into quite the dealmaker. Negotiating the terms of any kind of partnership—from love to business to a creative collab—can happen on your terms near Sunday. This can also apply to pre-existing relationships, but ones that haven’t totally gotten off the ground the way you’d hoped. You could revisit an old topic with your S.O., sibling or BFF and gain a fresh perspective. A change of scenery might be an ideal backdrop for talks like these since they might grow tense or awkward in moments. With intrepid Jupiter in the mix, take a Sunday drive and discuss over dinner in a cute, up-and-coming neighborhood—or even at a sentimental spot that’s a favorite of yours.

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