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Ballerific Fashion: Hoochie Daddy Shorts Season Is Here



For the last few years, we’ve witnessed the “hoochie daddy” shorts craze take the summer season by storm. Some men now opt for the shorter length, often hitting mid-thigh or higher. These shorts vacate from the traditionally longer men’s shorts, making a statement with their retro-inspired yet modern appeal. Popularized on social media and embraced by fashion-forward influencers, hoochie daddy shorts offer a body-positive approach to men’s fashion, especially for those who haven’t skipped leg day.  They typically pair effortlessly with casual tees or much sleeker shirts, depending on one’s personal style.  Long gone are the days that these are only for the beach and pool, as hoochie daddy’s are perfect for just about any outing. 

While these are not necessarily listed as hoochie daddy shorts on most websites, several brands are taking advantage of the interest surrounding the fact that these male versions of Daisy Dukes are now staples of contemporary summer vibes.

Gallery DEPT Patchwork Denim Zuma Shorts – $595

Rhude St. Croix Knit Short – $1,150.00


Purple Brand Uppercut All Around Shorts – $180

Purple Brand Uppercut All Around Shorts

Krost Crushed Sand Knit Shorts – $115

Krost Crushed Sand Knit Shorts

Fear of God Essentials Straight-Leg Logo-Appliquéd Stretch-Shell Drawstring Shorts – $38

FEAR OF GOD ESSENTIALS Straight-Leg Logo-Appliquéd Stretch-Shell Drawstring Shorts

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