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Anne Hathaway doesn’t consider herself ‘a proper fashion person’



Anne Hathaway doesn’t identify as a “proper fashion person”.

The Devil Wears Prada actress can often be seen attending glamorous catwalk presentations, rocking the latest trends on the red carpet and wearing daring designs in editorial spreads.

However, she admitted to V Magazine that she views herself as “a guest” in fashion because she’s only studied it informally.

“I think it’d be an insult to someone whose education revolved around it, whose life revolves around it, who has done a full fashion cycle in multiple cities as opposed to just, like, getting invited to a show and an after-party,” she explained.

“I think there’s a degree of stamina and schlepping involved in being a proper fashion person. I’m very grateful to be a guest. I mean, I’ve studied it, but it’s informal. I’m aware of the history. I love fashion photography. And I’ve been welcomed for a long time and been shown great kindness and generosity by people whose lives it is. But I’m an actress first.”

Hathaway is an ambassador for the likes of Japanese skincare brand Shiseido and Italian jewellers Bulgari and she recently starred in a campaign for Versace Icons alongside Cillian Murphy.

Dishing on her favourite catwalk shows, Hathaway had nothing but praise for John Galliano’s Maison Margiela presentation in Paris in January.

“I thought it was extraordinary. I got really into the leather work, the way it created a porcelain effect, the craft of it,” she gushed. “The production value of the show, the way they combined dancers and models, the movement, it was so beautiful.”

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