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YouTube videos are skipping to the end for users with adblockers



For many users with an adblocker employed, YouTube videos are suddenly starting to skip to the end of the video.

Over the past few months, YouTube has been enforcing its rule against the use of adblockers. That started last year with the platform displaying a message that would tell the user to turn off their adblocking, in turn blocking videos from playing after that prompt was ignored. That led to many uninstalling their adblockers, as well as some clever workarounds popping up.

This week, many have noticed that YouTube videos are suddenly skipping straight to the end of the video. Even if the video is just replayed, it skips straight to the end almost immediately. It’s a strange phenomenon and one that only appears to be happening for users with an adblocker installed. When the blocker is disabled, everything works as normal.

Users also report that this happens when the video is replayed and, if you try to skip to a certain part of the video, it just endlessly loads in some cases.

As such, many believe that this is an intentional move on YouTube’s part to discourage the use of adblockers. That’s entirely possible, but it’s equally possible that this is a problem with the adblocker itself.

Earlier this year, a bug in AdBlock caused videos to load slowly and also put undue stress on the machine running YouTube. When that issue popped up, many accused YouTube of being the cause. It’s also worth noting that, at least from what we could find, those experiencing this latest problem are using AdBlock, while those on other adblockers aren’t seeing the same behavior. There are some very limited reports of this happening without an adblocker too, though, but they’re in the extreme minority.

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