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xAI now hiring for jobs at Memphis supercomputer site



xAI now hiring for jobs at Memphis supercomputer site

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — xAI, the artificial intelligence company founded by Elon Musk, is hiring locally for several jobs as the company finishes work on its Memphis supercomputer site.

The company’s website currently lists eight open jobs in Memphis, along with others in London and Palo Alto. “Build AI That Advances Humanity,” the page advertises.

The most highly paid Memphis-based job listed is Superintendent, with a salary range of $165-240 per hour, which would equate to a low-end salary estimate of $343,000 for a 40-hour work week.

It’s unknown how many people will work at the facility in southwest Memphis, a former Electrolux manufacturing building being retrofitted into what local officials call the “world’s largest supercomputer.”

The Daily Memphian, quoting an unnamed source within the company, has put the number at about 320. The outlet also says the xAI facility could be operational by late July or early August.

Memphis jobs and pay:

  • Foreman, $135-165 per hour  
  • Lead Fiber Technician, $115-135 per hour 
  • Network Engineer, no pay listed
  • Project Manager, $100-125 per hour
  • Protective Intelligence Lead, $90,000-120,000 annually
  • Security Operations Lead, $110,000-140,000 annually
  • Security Technology Lead, $110,000-150,000 annually
  • Superintendent, $165-240 per hour
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