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Winnipeg Transit seeks plan to replace Peggo cards with modern fare collection system | CBC News



Winnipeg is looking for a consultant to help plan a replacement of Winnipeg Transit’s Peggo fare collection with a modern system that offers more payment options.

Fare collection technologies could include using credit or debit cards and mobile phone apps for payment, said Kirk Cumming, Winnipeg Transit’s IT manager.

The city issued a request for proposals on Friday based on a 2024 budget recommendation that the transit agency review its fare structure, policies and technologies.

The consultant will analyze the current fare collection system and options for replacing it, and create a strategic plan for an updated system that will be more flexible, include Handi-Transit services, and improve security and data collection, the RFP says. There’s $275,000 available for the consultant’s contract.

Operational concerns, including on-time performance, customer satisfaction and equity, all must be looked at, Cumming said.

“We want to make sure that we’re aware of the consequences of our decisions on all these different aspects of our operation.”

The city’s existing bus fare collection boxes were put into place in 2013, and the Peggo card system was put in place in 2016, Cumming said.

Kyle Owens, president of the public transit advocacy group Functional Transit Winnipeg, said the new system must accommodate the needs and wants of people across the city.

“The good news in Winnipeg is that there is a lot of opportunity for improvement,” he said.

It’s easy to overlook the most vulnerable people when designing a new system, but it has to be accessible for people with disabilities and various income levels — including those who don’t have internet access, a smartphone or an app, Owens said.

There has been a lot of frustration with the existing system, going right back to when it started, he said.

“The idea that we might be able to have a system that offers more options, more convenience to more people with fewer delays, is really exciting.”

Cumming said Winnipeggers should know later this year which technology the city recommends.

The deadline to submit a proposal is noon on June 28.

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