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Horse Racing

Want to try your hand at wild horse racing? Come March you might have your chance



Wild Horse racing is taking the world by storm in our own backyard. 

The Western Klassic Wild Horse Racing Association (WKWHRA) hosted the world tour earlier this month at the Siksika Agri Centre and is getting ready to host a workshop to educate people on the sport come March. 

“Anybody that wants to join and learn can come out to this clinic and it is free too. So, you don’t have to put any money down to learn about this event. You learn all the safety aspects. It is a wild and dangerous event, and everyone’s scared of the horse,” explained the President of the WKWHRA, Zachary Good Eagle. 

The clinic will also showcase the proper way to approach the horse without hurting yourself or the horse and the proper gear that you need to wear to protect yourself. 

“Some of the Cowboys look like they’re unprotected, but they have everything underneath their western attire. So underneath the jeans, they got pads and then some of them underneath their shirts, they have vests, some under their arms. They have the padding all over.”

Good Eagle encourages everyone to come out and learn more about the sport because it is for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s not only for guys with these clinics coming up, we also have females out there that want to learn to race. I’m one of the racers who had joined in and went and followed their little circuit,” said Danielle Good Eagle. 

Danielle explained they have young people who come out, there are juniors, and she recommends that everyone should try the sport at least once in their lifetime.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” expressed Danielle Good Eagle.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for when and where the WKWHRA clinic will be held. 

Members of the WKWHRA visit the team at Strathmore Now to talk about the upcoming clinic. 

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