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Vacation essentials to help you prepare for the busiest travel summer ever



TSA is projecting higher-than-ever travel numbers for 2024.

Travel essentials like chargers, neck pillows, sunscreen and more will ensure you have a smooth trip when leaving for vacation this summer. And with the Transportation Security Administration predicting the busiest summer travel season ever, you’ll appreciate every bit of help you can get while braving the crowds.

We’ve already shown you RFID wallets, luggage, shoes and travel pants you’ll want to scoop up before your holiday. Below, you’ll find necessities that minimize your risk of an incident while traveling.

The travel steamer, for example, will help you stay fresh on the go, while the Aer Carry-On or WAYB Daily backpack can help you pack efficiently before you take off. Classic basics like the Tide Pen and sunscreen also show up, both easy to toss in your bag for extra preparedness.

Don’t forget: While you can be prepared for nearly any situation with the right planning, make sure you check the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisories before jetting off just to ensure you have all the knowledge necessary for a smooth ride.

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