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Understanding online casino gambling laws in Canada



Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to online gambling. Not only is it allowed for citizens and expats to use such services, but the country also offers official licensing for operators who wish to enter the Canadian gambling market. 

The use of crypto is also legal to a generous extent, but not to the extent that it is considered legal tender. Nevertheless, local laws allowing the use of assets like Bitcoin (BTC) go a long way to helping the online gambling landscape thrive. That’s how crypto gambling became a popular industry, as it allows both gamblers and traders to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

If you’re getting into this scene for the first time, you can do so with an online casino platform and an electronic wallet that can mutually support your preferred currency. However, you should first start by understanding how this sector is protected in your country, first. Knowing this much helps you learn the limits of online casino gaming in Canada and here’s where you start:

Important surface-level details

The two important details you must know as a Bitcoin casino Canada website user are the age limit and how the law works. Policies about gambling can change per province but these are countrywide:

  • Age requirement: You must be 19 years old or older to have an account at an online casino. This should be your age at the time of registration and not a day sooner. Otherwise, you are prohibited from visiting this kind of online service. 
  • Legal oversight: Online casino gambling falls under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) because it oversees the global market. That includes crypto casinos and sports betting websites, whether licensed in Canada or operating in the country from abroad. 

Responsible Gambling Practices in Canada

Canadian policies place the following responsibilities on casino operators to ensure responsible gambling practices:

  • Staff training: Staff can be customer service, public relations managers, or personal assistants tending to your needs if you’re a VIP customer. These people are expected to be well-trained in helping users prevent problem gambling behaviours. 
  • Self-exclusion programs: These are options offered to gamblers who are exhibiting problem gambling behaviours and are asking for assistance with their practices. That includes having their accounts locked as they voluntarily exit or ask for means to control their deposit within specified intervals. Casinos are mandated to provide such options for the customer’s sake.
  • Public awareness campaigns: Casino operators must promote public awareness about responsible gambling practices. This includes but is not limited to giving tips on how to budget wisely, opting for the least risky betting option, and ways to recognise problem gambling behaviours. 

Possible criminal offences

Several known possible criminal offences can happen in online gambling. It can be underaged gambling if you are playing at crypto casinos while under 19 years old. Casino operators can make one of two offences. One of which is serving Canadian customers without a licence. The other is going against OLG’s framework like having untrained staff, refusing self-exclusion options, and not participating in public awareness campaigns.

The punishment for any of these offences is on a case-by-case basis. It can be dependent on which region the customer is in when using the gaming platform or it’s up to Ontario’s offices. 

Taxations on gambling

Casino winnings can be taxed or not depending on whether the money is won for recreational purposes or at a professional set-up. It won’t be taxed if you win from playing games like slots, poker, or sports betting as this is done for fun. However, it will be taxable as income if you are gambling as a profession.  

That’s all the important tidbits you need to know about online gambling as a player. Go ahead and scout the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada and play to your heart’s content. Just remember these details and be a responsible player to keep the games fun. 

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