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Ukraine war latest: Ukrainian soldier uncovers ‘rare’ drone; ‘evil’ attack on Kyiv; Zelenskyy to make surprise trip to G7 summit

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‘Russia started this war and we can end it’: World leaders reaffirm support for Ukraine with further sanctions on Russia

Leaders of the G7 have agreed to impose further sanctions on Russia as they reaffirm their support for Ukraine. 

The group, which is made up of the UK, US, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and Canada, said the fresh package of sanctions will “increase the costs to Russia and those who are supporting its war effort”.

Key sectors that will be targeted include manufacturing, construction, and transportation as well as business services.

It’s worth noting that this stance isn’t new – the group has been implementing sanctions since February last year when Russia first launched its invasion. 

It has been criticised for not going far enough, but the leaders have said the system is “working” and Russia’s “revenues are down”. 

“We urge Russia to stop its ongoing aggression and immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops and military equipment from the entire internationally recognized territory of Ukraine,” the group said in a joint statement. 

“Russia started this war and can end this war.” 

While the words from the G7 are strong, there was no mention of meeting Ukraine’s biggest demand – Western fighter jets. 

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