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Trowbridge charity relocates to Castle Place shopping centre



Trowbridge charity relocates to Castle Place shopping centre

A Trowbridge charity which helps vulnerable people is back in action after moving to the Castle Place shopping centre.

Ruksak 45218 is relocating to the former Shaws the Draper store in the shopping mall after being told in May it had to vacate its offices by June 14.

The charity formerly rented office and warehouse space at Bratton Place Business Centre on the White Horse Business Park.

Trustee Richard Culverhouse said Ruksak had been “totally sideswiped” by the shock news, which had come totally out of the blue.

Ruksak will use the former Shaws store for storage and is taking a separate unit next door to raise funds for local charities.

This is likely to be shared by Ruksak with the Trowbridge Lions Club and the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group.

Trowbridge charity Ruksak 45218 moves into a new home in the former Shaws draper store at Castle Place shopping centre. Image: Trevor Porter 77134-2 (Image: Trevor Porter)

“It is going to be a charity shop with a bit of difference. It will be a multi-charity local charity shop,” Mr Culverhouse said. “I just want to help out local charities.”

Charity senior volunteer Martin Gailey said Ruksak is ready to begin taking referrals from professionals on behalf of their clients from Monday, July 1.

He added: “At one stage, it looked as if there would be no future for Ruksak, but now after a monumental effort, we can at least look forward to continuing, and indeed improving our service to the residents of Wiltshire who need our help.

“We would like to thank the huge number of people who offered us practical support and encouragement during this extremely difficult period.

“Particular thanks go to the volunteers who have worked their socks off to help ensure the future of this essential service.”

He added: “The job is not complete and we still need your continuing support – but we’re getting there!

“If you are a professional, or other person with social, health or other pastoral responsibility for others you can make a referral on behalf of your client, if they are a resident living in Wiltshire.

“You can do this by emailing us at: **. with a few details outlining their requirements. You can arrange an appointment time when you will meet with our staff.”

The not-for-profit charity provides basic or emergency domestic items to individuals and families in need, from donated clothing and bedding to toiletries and school stationery.

It was forced to move after being told Bratton Place Business Centre was closing after its management company, Trowbridge Park Ltd, collapsed into administration.

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