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Tory Lanez’s wife Raina Chassagne files for DIVORCE after a year



  • Raina Chassagne’s divorce filing comes after they were married in June 2023
  • She shares a seven-year-old son named Kai with the incarcerated rapper
  • Lanez was convicted on three felony counts for shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez’s brief marriage is coming to an end after his wife of less than a year filed for divorce.

Although the news of their marriage broke in September of last year, it was on June 25, 2023, that Lanez and Raina Chassagne tied the knot, according to TMZ, so the couple will not even make it to a full year of marriage.

Documents obtained by the publication indicate that Chassagne — who was seen crying outside the courthouse after Lanez was sentenced last year — filed for divorce last week, and she cited irreconcilable differences as her reason for ending the marriage.

She filed to divorce Lanez while he is in prison serving a 10-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in her feet. 

Chassagne shares a seven-year-old son named Kai with Lanez (real name: Daystar Peterson), and she requested sole legal and physical custody of the child in her filing, as Lanez will not be able to care for his son while he is still behind bars.

Tory Lanez’s brief marriage is coming to an end after his wife filed for divorce less than a year after marrying; pictured in 2022
His wife Raina Chassagne filed for divorce last week, TMZ reported; pictured in August 2023

The outlet noted that Chassagne did not appear to have legally adopted the incarcerated rapper’s last name at any point prior to filing for divorce.

Shortly after he was sentenced, Lanez requested bail ahead of a planned appeal, but a judge denied his request, forcing him to begin serving his sentence behind bars.

The appeal was filed in February of this year, but it has been delayed several months after prosecutors twice request — and were granted — delays.

They now have until later this month to respond to Lanez’s appeal filing.

Little is known about Lanez and Chassagne’s relationship — including when they first met — but she publicly advocated for him last year when she addressed the judge during the first day of his sentencing hearing, which reportedly came after the two were married, though that was not publicly known at the time.

In her statement to the court, she described the rapper as being ambitious and trusting, and she begged the judge to break a cycle Black fathers being incarcerated, leaving their son’s without mentors and loving figures.

Chassagne was unsuccessful in getting the judge to drop prison time as punishment, but Lanez was ultimately sentenced to less time than prosecutors had been seeking. 

Following his conviction, Lanez will be deported to Canada, where he was born.

After being born in Brampton, Ontario, the rapper’s family lived in Montreal, before relocating south of the border, first to Miami and then to Atlanta. 

Lanez was found guilty by a unanimous jury on three firearm charges: assault with a semi-automatic firearm, shooting a firearm in a grossly negligent manner and carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle.

He had previously pleaded guilty to all three charges.

In emotional testimony during Lanez’s trial, Megan Thee Stallion admitted she had had a sexual relationship with the defendant and recounted how a they got into an argument in the back of his SUV while in the Hollywood Hills.

Early in the day on July 12, 2020, they had attended a pool party thrown at Kylie Jenner’s home, and the two had been drinking prior to their subsequent argument. 

Chassagne shares a seven-year-old son named Kai with Lanez (real name: Daystar Peterson), and she requested sole legal and physical custody of the child in her filing, as Lanez will not be able to care for his son while behind bars
TMZ reported that Lanez and Chassagne married on June 25, 2023, but the union wasn’t reported on until September of last year; seen in 2018 in LA
Lanez was convicted of three firearm felonies and sentenced to 10 years in prison for repeatedly firing at Megan Thee Stallion and shooting her in the feet, which she required surgery to correct; pictured in April

Megan (real name: Megan Pete) testified that she asked Tory’s driver to let her out of the car, at which pint she said Lanez screamed ‘Dance b****!’ and began firing his handgun at her.

He allegedly shot it five times and hit the WAP rapper in the feet, which later required surgery to correct the damage.

Megan then claimed that Tory had offered her and her friend Kelsey Harris on million dollars to stay silent about the shooting, as he was ‘on probation’ already. 

Megan also claimed that Lanez apologized to her after the fact and attributed the shooting to him being drunk.

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