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“The Acolyte” Reveals Not Well Received



“The Acolyte” Reveals Not Well Received


The seventh episode of “Star Wars” series “The Acolyte” has premiered and with it came some big reveals as to the central mystery of the series.


The new episode titled “Choice” returns to the flashback events on the planet Brendok as seen in the third episode – this time however it unfolds from the perspective of the Jedi as opposed to the kids.

The episode finally revealed what actually went down that led to the twins’ coven dying and just how the Jedi were involved. The reveals included that the Jedi came to the planet to investigate a Force vergence (a location with a high concentration of Force energy).

The episode doesn’t paint the Jedi as malicious, but also not particularly competent either. Torbin and Sol acted out of fear, as did the witches, which escalated things to the point of disaster with Indara being the one behind the cover-up.

Sol, who has serious boundary issues, also had his big secret revealed – a “The Good Son”-esque choice in which he had to let Mae fall to save Osha.


In the wake of the episode’s launch, it has drawn the second most negative reviews of the series so far on IMDb, behind only its companion third episode.

Even the critics agree with the Rotten Tomatoes critics score at just 50% whereas every other episode so far has been 80% or above.

What did you think? Have your say below. The show is set to come to an end next week with the finale on July 16th.

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