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Sydney Sweeney’s Reaction to AI-Generated Image of Her Portrait



Sydney Sweeney’s Reaction to AI-Generated Image of Her Portrait

Sydney Sweeney

Reacts to AI-Generated Portrait

… Awkward, Much?!?

Sydney Sweeney might be a good actress, but she’s having trouble looking impressed by a computer-generated image of her … even when put on the spot to do so.

The “Immaculate” star was shown a 3D, AI-generated portrait of herself Wednesday at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, and her reaction is worth a look.

Check out the video … Sydney’s asked what she thinks of the computer version of her portrait and she did her best to force a smile, awkwardly saying, “Awww, I love it.”

But, it’s not hard to tell her reaction was more like someone opening a gift to find a pair of socks. We’ve all been there.


Syd really tried to sell it, though, adding … “It’s amazing you can take an image like this.”

Like we said, folks online aren’t all that convinced by Sydney’s reaction … acting chops be damned.

Mostly, it comes off like Sydney doing her best to play nice with the folks at Samsung.

Artificial intelligence can do a lot of things … but it doesn’t look like computers are quite able to capture Sydney’s true beauty. Not yet, anyway.

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