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‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Episode 2 Peaks At 18% Of Joker Debut, 4% Of Launch



Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League made the decision to delay both the launch of its first season of content, and to break that season up into two separate episodes with content releasing in two batches.

About two months ago, we saw the release of The Joker as a new squad member in Episode 1, and now in Episode 2, we have new content and a big new, admittedly very good patch. Did it draw players back in? Well…

The Joker season had a peak of 3,049 concurrent Steam players at launch, a not ideal return of 22% of the 13,549 peak players it saw at launch (which was still a poor total initially). But episode 2? It appears to have peaked at 561 players as of yesterday. That is 18% of that Joker debut, and just 4% of launch numbers. With many games this may not matter, but as a live service that needs players to keep coming back, it’s extremely bad.

I maintain that it’s hard to see Suicide Squad committing to getting out an entire year of content at this pace. They have three more planned seasons with actual content made already, at least to some extent, but the trendline is clear, and characters like a gender-flipped Mrs. Freeze and Deadshot’s daughter are going to be way less of a draw than Joker was. And he wasn’t much of a draw at baseline. Some remaining players are holding out hope for Deathstroke, but there’s essentially no chance arrives any soon than six months from now, if not longer, and it does not seem like a guarantee the game will even be around that long.

Fortunately, at least for now, it does not seem like Rocksteady has suffered any publicly announced layoffs from this whole situation in an industry where that has become all too common from both performing and under-performing studios. I’m fully of the belief that they should be given another chance to go back to what they were known for, great single-player superhero adventures, but that does not seem to align with WB’s current goals, despite the failure of Suicide Squad and the huge success of the single-player Hogwarts Legacy. WB has tripled down and said they’re committing to more live services. And hey, maybe that means an extended Suicide Squad run after all. For some reason.

As we march forward, I would be amazed if Suicide Squad got even half the players of the Joker’s debut for season 2’s Mrs. Freeze, a character whose design has already been leaked and critiqued by players. And in terms of monetization, all this seasonal content is free, and the game is only making money from cosmetics. Cosmetics which have been obscenely poor since launch despite so much comic source material to choose from. Everything about this entire enterprise remains bizarre.

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