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Samsung Leaker Reveals Specs And Price Of New Galaxy Z Fold 6



Samsung Leaker Reveals Specs And Price Of New Galaxy Z Fold 6

Updated June 12 with new pricing details: article originally posted June 11.

Samsung’s changes to increase the size of the cover and main display of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 have leaked, but the South Korean company is also making some fashionable choices for the colors.

Noted smartphone leaker Evan Blass has published details on the base colors of the foldable that will go on retail sale and the colors that will only be available through Samsung’s website. Five will be available across the range of the premium foldable: navy, pink, silver shadow, white, and crafted black.

The two latter colors—white and crafted black—will be exclusively available through Samsung’s website. Given the relative popularity of white and black smartphones

A survey by PhoneArea listed users’ favourite smartphone colors saw black topping the results at 38.5 percent with white in second place at 17.4 percent. That’s more than half of those asked. With Samsung reserving these colors for its own store, I can see a significant number of sales driven through the company website, giving Samsung ownership of the customer instead of a carrier or retailer.

That also increases Samsung’s margin on the device, and I expect that will allow for additional exclusive web-only offers.

Update: Wednesday June 12.

Not only have details on the new colors leaked, we also have an indication of the US price of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. SmartPrix reports that Samsung will be adding $100 to the equivalent Galaxy Z Fold 5 model; so the 256 GB model will come in at $1,899, the 512 GB model at $2,019 and the 1 TB model at $2,259.

Consumers may ask what the $100 premium will offer, especially if Samsung sticks with its choice of a camera that debuted in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and will now appear in three generations of foldable phones.

The one saving grace may be Samsung’s love for special offers and discounts that could easily negate the $100 premium, but they won’t be around forever. If you’re looking for the best value with your new foldable handset, you will have to be quick.

During the pre-launch of the Galaxy S24 family, Samsung offered “double the storage”, where the 256 GB models were priced to match the 128 GB list price, the 512 GB model at the 256 GB price, and the 1 TB model at the 512 GB price. Samsung also offered discounts on various Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch åccesories.

I’d expect to see a similar strategy here, if not the exact same bundles as the more expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6 at a Galaxy Unpacked event in early July.

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