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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra reportedly gets a camera upgrade for secondary sensors



According to a reliable source, Samsung plans to bring a considerable upgrade to the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera array, delivering better secondary sensors.

Samsung’s formula for the “Ultra” series hasn’t changed a whole lot in the past couple of generations, especially when it comes to the camera. A super high-resolution main sensor is backed up by a trio of telephoto and ultrawide lenses, typically with much lower resolution.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra uses a 200MP main camera, 50MP 5x telephoto camera, 10MP 3x telephoto camera, and a 12MP sensor for ultrawide shots. It’s not all that different from the years prior. The S23 Ultra was nearly identical, except both its telephoto cameras had 10MP sensors, and the only difference on the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra was the use of a 108MP main camera.

That may be changing this time around, though, as some considerable upgrades are coming.

Ice Universe says on Weibo that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will use the same 200MP resolution camera as the S24 Ultra, but with 50MP cameras used on both telephoto cameras as well as the ultrawide. The language used, mainly due to translation, leaves a little bit of room for confusion, but it sounds like a whole lot more resolution is coming to Samsung’s next flagship camera setup.

We’re still quite a ways out, though. Samsung usually launches its flagship Galaxy S series in January, meaning we’re several months from that launch, and things could change in the meantime. Still, it sounds like a welcome upgrade.

Hopefully, it’ll also come with some software improvements, as that’s always been the bigger problem.

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