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Round Up: Every Switch Announcement At Ubisoft Forward (June 2024)



Sigh. Another year with no Rayman in sight. Am I a fool for thinking there’s still w chance we could see something at the June Direct? I just want to see a “Raymastered” collection of the first three games.

It’s good to see Sands of Time back from the dead, but 2026? Yeesh, that’s quite the wait. The only Prince of Persia game I’ve played is The Lost Crown, but I really enjoyed it despite not being a big metroidvania guy. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of what this franchise has to offer. I don’t necessarily see myself picking up the DLC, though, as I’ve kind of moved on from that game. It’s the same story with Hogwarts Legacy.

There are certain single-player games I would absolutely dip back into if they received a substantial DLC expansion–Pikmin 4, for example. But on the whole, I tend to get more excited for updates for multiplayer games–new characters and stages and stuff like that.

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