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Oracle’s Safra Catz: 4 Reasons Our Infrastructure Business Is Booming



Welcome to the Cloud Wars Minute — your daily cloud news and commentary show. Each episode provides insights and perspectives around the “reimagination machine” that is the cloud.

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In today’s Cloud Wars Minute, I investigate Oracle’s infrastructure ascendancy, including its rapid expansion and the fierce competition it’s in.


00:15 — In the wide-open world of cloud infrastructure, there’s a lot of competition. Oracle’s CEO, Safra Catz, recently outlined four reasons why she believes its infrastructure business is booming.

01:30 — Oracle has 45 years of handling mission-critical workloads and customers. More and more are trusting Oracle in these big deployments of workloads to the cloud. Second, it’s got AI capabilities up and down the stack. Third, it’s got an unmatched set of deployment options. She also said it is the multi-cloud leadership that Oracle has exhibited.

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02:33 — Oracle, in that last fiscal Q3, hit an all-time record by far in its remaining performance obligations, up 29% to $80 billion, with about half recognized as revenue in the coming 12 months.

03:14 — It’s an incredibly competitive business. The competition across what Oracle’s doing, with Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft, provides the perfect ingredients for customers to benefit enormously from that competition.

04:34 — Now, cloud infrastructure is becoming incredibly differentiated and strategic. They are building all sorts of new capabilities into it. With what’s going on with GenAI, more and more businesses are realizing that if they want to get in on the AI revolution, they must have a data strategy.

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