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Online Gambling Syndicate And Government Site Hackers Raided In West Jakarta Apartments



Online Gambling Syndicate And Government Site Hackers Raided In West Jakarta Apartments

West Jakarta Metro Police Satreskrim raided an online gambling headquarters in the Grogol Petamburan apartment area, West Jakarta, Wednesday, July 10. A total of 7 online gambling operators were arrested.

“We have managed to secure a total of 7 people,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes M Syahduddi when confirmed.

The disclosure of the case began with a public report that it was suspected that there was an online gambling practice in an apartment unit at the scene.

“From the results of the investigation, it is true that there were online gambling business activities operated by six suspects with the initials FAF (26), AE (39), YGP (20), FH (21), GF (21) and FAP (19),” he said.

The police also carried out developments and secured one other person, namely a man with the initials MHP (41). The perpetrator of MHP himself is the owner of the crime proceeds money collection account.

“MHP as the owner of the crime collection account,” he said.

Currently, the police are still conducting a series of investigations. From the disclosure, the police also secured evidence in the form of computer equipment to cellphones used by the perpetrators to act.

West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKBP Andri Kurniawan said, from the results of the investigation, the online gambling syndicate also hacked government websites to educational agencies to market online gambling.

“The suspect markets or advertises online gambling sites by hacking and changing the appearance of government and educational websites,” he added.

AKBP Andri said they were targeting websites that had weak security protection to hack. After that, they changed the appearance of the website to online gambling content.

“They do the action by looking for a government-owned website (with a URL) or education (with an URL) that has weak security.

“Then they did defacing (changing the appearance of the website) with gambling content,” he said.

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