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Nintendo Switch adds 5 free games including classic Zelda and Metroid



Nintendo Switch adds 5 free games including classic Zelda and Metroid

Nintendo Switch adds 5 free games including classic Zelda and Metroid

More classics have arrived

Nintendo Switch Online has announced five new classic titles joining its services this month.

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition was announced as an addition during today’s Nintendo Showcase, followed by four more retro experiences to create a mecca of entertainment.

Although this isn’t the The Legend of Zelda reveal we were hoping for – sorry, Wind Waker fans – we can play the 2000s title The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Four Swords. It’s a healthy start.

Hello, gorgeous new Legend of Zelda game!

But that isn’t the only old school game that caught our attention; Metroid: Zero Mission is also waiting for you to spring back into action and brave the depths of space.

There’s also Perfect Dark and Turok Dinosaur Hunter available on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. Best of all, they’re available from today (18 June) onwards.

Naturally, this reveal has sent fans into a joyous hyped up frenzy. In the words of one fan, “THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! Perfect Dark, Turok, and Metroid Zero Mission! What a fantastic combo.”

These “very solid titles” have us excited to see what other Game Boy and NES adventures will eventually join the service… though we suspect we’ll have to wait for the next Direct for the selection to be this good.

For those of you who long for a newer Zelda story, it turns out that Nintendo has been cooking a new adventure for us. In a surprising twist of fate, this particular journey is going to focus on Princess Zelda herself rather than Link. The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is due to launch later this year on 26 September.

We can’t wait to see what Zelda will get up to. What better way to prepare for those new challenges than to explore the challenges of classic experiences? Easily harder to beat than new titles, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into, even if you’re not a Zelda fan.

Remember, all the aforementioned classic games are available from today onwards.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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