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New study reveals the most sought-after jobs in Indiana



New study reveals the most sought-after jobs in Indiana

HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – New research has revealed the most sought-after careers in Indiana.

According to a study by Class Central, a phlebotomist took the top spot with 4,152 average monthly search volume.

People in this role are responsible for drawing blood from patients or donors, earning just under $40,000 a year on average. A high school diploma followed by qualification and national certification is required for the role.

Four other top roles that made the top five list include flight attendant, welder, nurse and teacher.

To get the results, experts analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches for over 100 job roles, including terms such as ‘how to become a [job role]’ and ‘[job role] salary’.

Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central said, “It is fascinating to see such a diverse array of jobs in the ranking, reflecting the different skills, passions and ambitions of people in the state. This research highlights the boundless possibilities that exist in the professional landscape, and it will hopefully inspire people to pursue the best career for them.”

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