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Neighbour row over child’s football gets out of hand as confrontation turns violent



A row has erupted after a man attacked his next-door neighbour over a child’s football landing in his garden.

Jack Crone, 44, swore at the child after he clambered over a wall to retrieve his ball.

The football had been inadvertently kicked onto his land as the child was playing in the victim’s garden.

Crone confronted his neighbour after receiving an angry text message about his language.

Neighbour row over child’s football gets out of hand as confrontation turns violentGETTY

Carlisle Crown Court was told that Crone knocked out two of his teeth.

A witness described the assault as “absolutely brutal”.

“I then saw the defendant punch [him] directly in the face five or six times with his right fist,” they added.

“I could clearly see that these punches contacted with [his] face, landing on his left cheekbone area. The punches were delivered very quickly.”

The witness concluded: “At no point did I see [the victim] fight back… all that I saw was what I would describe as a cowardly attack on a defenceless man that was absolutely brutal.”

The victim suffered facial swelling, a headache, a bloodshot eye, and a ‘grossly swollen’ nose.

He has since suffered flashbacks and nightmares.


Carlisle Crown Court

Carlisle Crown Court


It also cost him financially as he has taken time away from work.

The defendant from Arlecdon in Frizington, admitted inflicting grevious bodily harm on his neighbour.

Prosecutor Andrew Evans said: “The defendant reacted by going to [his] front door.”

“The neighbour at this point emerged from the rear of his property carrying a broom and the two immediately clashed.

“Mr Crone rapidly gained the upper hand. He’s 14 years younger than his neighbour and of a larger build.”

Iain Simkin KC added: “He [Crone] accepts he caused all of those injuries and that he himself was unscathed; and that this was completely unacceptable behaviour.”

Arlecdon Road, Arlecdon, Frizington

Arlecdon Road, Arlecdon, Frizington


Judge Michael Fanning told Crone that such violence can have the “most appalling outcomes”.

Judge Fanning said the defendant was a powerfully built man, who left his victim “battered, bruised, with blood in the whites of his eyes, and with two teeth lying on the ground.”

He imposed an 18-month jail term, suspended for a year.

Crone must also observe 120 days of electronically-monitored alcohol abstinence.

Judge Fanning added: “If there is any more aggravation between the two of you, you need to be very careful.”

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