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Michael Jordan beat Xander Schauffele on the golf course: Embarrassing



Xander Schauffele admitted he was beaten at his own game by NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The PGA Championship winner, who took home his first major title last month, made the stunning revelation during practise for the Memorial Tournament.

In a video shared by Golf on CBS, Schauffele was wearing a mic while chatting to former PGA Tour golfer Cole Knost. 

Knost asked Schauffele if he’s ever played golf with the Bulls champ, noting it’s ‘really hard to s**t talk him.’

‘I did my best version of it — and then he beat me,’ Schauffele said.

Xander Schauffele revealed he was beaten at his own game by NBA legend Michael Jordan
‘I did my best version of [trash talking] — and then he beat me,’ Schauffele admitted

‘Straight up. Embarrassing,’ Schauffele went on, explaining that Jordan beat him ‘in the last three holes.’ 

‘I pancaked him on his stroke holes, and I started talking s–t to him and he got all quiet [and] focused. And then he birdied 15-16, no strokes. Beat me straight up. And I was like, “All right.”‘ 

Knost joked that it was ‘weird he came through when he needed to,’ and the pair agreed that Jordan was great at chipping and putting.

The 61-year-old became synonymous with trash talk throughout his time in the NBA, however it seems to have continued well beyond his playing years.  

Former NHL player Ryan Whitney, who co-hosts Barstool Sports’ Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, recently recalled an outing on the gold course with the six-time NBA champ.

Schauffele explained that the six-time NBA champ beat him ‘in the last three holes’
Former NHL defenseman Ryan Whitney recalled his match against Michael Jordan on Barstool
Jordan – an avid golfer – was well known for trash talking opponents throughout his NBA career

‘He doesn’t say a word to me,’ Whitney said on his podcast in March. ‘We get to 17, it’s the 35th hole of the day, par five, I’m on [the green] in two. He’s dead.’ 

But then, Jordan hit a birdie to keep himself in the match, before Whitney missed his own birdie putt. 

‘First thing he said all day was, ”That’s right, b****,”’ Whitney recalled. 

‘So then we go to 36. I finish the last hole. Another press, lose that hole too. He’s like, ”A scratch golfer … B**** you couldn’t scratch my wife’s a**. I just left. I just paid him 10 grand and left. 

‘I felt this big [holding fingers closely apart]. He’s pumping rap tunes the whole time that say his name in the song. I was like, ”What planet am I on right now?”

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