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Meet golf legend Dustin Johnson’s wife, Paulina Gretzky



The daughter of the Canadian hockey player is married to the two-time major champion. But she shared on the Pillows and Beer podcast in 2021 that she wasn’t interested in dating a golfer during her university years. In fact, her mum, actress Janet Jones, tried to set her up with one, but she turned down her offer, per Sportskeeda.

Paulina Gretzky is no wallflower on Instagram. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

So what changed Gretzky’s mind and what else do we know about the 35-year-old?

Is Paulina Gretzky Wayne Gretzky’s daughter?

A young Paulina Gretzky with her famous NHL star dad, Wayne Gretzky. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

How did Paulina Gretzky meet Dustin Johnson?

Dustin Johnson at the 2022 LIV Golf Invitational Boston, part of the LIV Golf Invitational Series. Photo: EPA-EFE

According to Palm Beach Illustrated, the couple met when Jones invited Johnston to dinner after he’d played golf with her husband at their country club. Paulina, who was 21 at the time, said, “I couldn’t relate to his Southern manners at first,” before adding, “But at our core, Dustin and I are the same and have the same values”.

Paulina Gretzky kisses husband Dustin Johnson, who she’s been with for over 10 years. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

That was in 2009, but they didn’t officially start dating until early 2013. They got engaged later that same year, but only married a decade later after having two children together, per People.

Gretzky opened up about the pair’s relationship in season 2 of Netflix’s Full Swing docuseries and also revealed that things haven’t always been plain sailing for the couple. In 2022 they received death threats after Johnson landed a reported US$125 million four-year contract with the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, per US media.

She’s a model, actress and singer – and part-time caddie?

Paulina Gretzky is 35 years old. Photo: Getty Images/AFP

Gretzky has appeared in films including Grown Ups 2 (2013), Fame (2009) and Guns, Girls and Gambling (2012). She’s also been a pop singer, per UK media. As a model, she has appeared on the cover of Golf Digest, in fashion magazine Flare and in men’s magazine Maxim, according to ABC News.

Paulina Gretzky occasionally caddies for hubby Dustin Johnson. Photo: Getty Images

Being a golf WAG, Gretzky regularly attends the games that Johnson plays in – and was even seen caddying for him at the 2016 Masters Par 3 Tournament. She also has an impressive 1 million followers on Instagram.

She has a big family

The Gretzky siblings. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Gretzky has three brothers, Ty (33), Trevor (31), Tristan (23) and a sister, Emma (21).

She also has a loving relationship with her mum who occasionally helps to look after Paulina and Dustin’s children when the golfer is on tour. “She’s not only a fantastic mum but an even greater grandmother,” Gretzky told Palm Beach Illustrated last year.

How many children do Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson have?

Paulina Gretzky and her two sons Tatum and River. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

The couple currently live in Florida and share two sons together, Tatum (nine) and River (six). Gretzky seems thankful for the extra quality time since Johnson joined LIV Golf: “We have a little bit more time together now since things have changed a little, whereas before, it was like, go, go, go.”

The mother-of-two also said “We have more control now of how we do things. That old life that we had, I had to take a back seat, but now it feels like we’re in the front of the plane together flying. It was the right move.”

She loves luxury fashion

Paulina Gretzky wearing Prada. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram
Gretzky has fully embraced the golf WAG lifestyle and regularly posts photos of herself donning luxury looks on Instagram. From Prada and Yves Saint Laurent to her custom Vera Wang wedding gown, she admitted to Palm Beach Illustrated that she “love[s] fashion and all-things glam”.
Paulina Gretzky showing off a slinky YSL dress to her one million Instagram followers. Photo: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Gretzky has also suggested that she’s ready to launch a new venture now that Tatum and River are older. “It will definitely be in fashion, but you’ll have to wait and see,” she hinted to the same publication in November.

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