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Landmark National Framework on Heart Failure Act Tabled in Canadian Senate



  • Introduction of the ‘National Framework on Heart Failure Act’ by Honourable Senator Yonah Martin
  • Bill S-284 follows extensive groundwork by the HeartLife Foundation, including a national policy framework endorsed by multiple groups
  • Essential to reduce the projected $2.8 billion annual costs of heart failure by 2030

VANCOUVER, BC, May 27, 2024 /CNW/ – The HeartLife Foundation (HLF), a national patient-led charity, is thrilled to announce a historic advancement in the battle against heart failure with the tabling of the ‘National Framework on Heart Failure Act’ by the Honourable Senator Yonah Martin. HeartLife Foundation (HLF) has been at the forefront of calls for a National Framework for Heart Failure and appreciate the Senator’s collaborative efforts in leveraging our dedicated work to help shape the framework. This legislation aims to systematically improve prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart failure, enhancing patient and caregiver support, and fostering innovative healthcare solutions.

“It was an honour for me to table Bill S-284 National Framework on Heart Failure Act in the Senate of Canada. Heart failure is a condition that affects far too many Canadians. HeartLife Foundation has been at the centre of this important bill to better the lives of Canadians living with heart failure and those who care for them,” said Senator Martin. 

Heart failure is an unmitigated health crisis in Canada. Over 750,000 people live with heart failure in Canada, growing each year, claiming thousands of lives annually, diminishing patients’ quality of life, and imposing significant costs on the healthcare system. HF is a leading cause of hospitalization only behind COVID-19 and giving birth, and associated HF costs are expected to reach $2.8 billion per year by 2030.

“I went through heart failure in my twenties, had two heart transplants, and have seen first-hand the lack of awareness for HF in Canada and the disparities in care across the country for people like myself,” says Dr. Jillianne Code, PhD, co-Founder of HeartLife Foundation. “This bill is a critical step towards equitable and effective care for all Canadians, and we are profoundly grateful to Senator Martin and her office for their support and leadership in advancing this cause.”

Bill S-284 builds on years of dedicated effort, including the HeartLife Foundation’s National Policy Framework on Heart Failure launched last year, which to date has been endorsed by 15 leading patient, physician and research groups. The framework, along with their earlier Patient Charter have been instrumental in paving the way for comprehensive legislative action.

Marc Bains, co-Founder of HeartLife Foundation, heart failure patient and transplant recipient emphasized; “While this bill is a significant milestone, it is just the beginning. Achieving lasting change will require continued support and collaboration from all stakeholders involved and we are ecstatic to come together with legislators to push this crucial agenda forward.”

Interview Opportunities

  • Dr. Jillianne Code, and Marc Bains, co-Founders of the HeartLife Foundation and heart failure survivors
  • Senator Yonah Martin, Bill Sponsor
  • Leading cardiologists involved in heart failure care
  • Max Monahan-Ellison, HeartLife Foundation Senior Advisor and Health Policy Expert

About HeartLife Foundation

The HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led heart failure charity, raising public awareness of heart failure, engaging patients, families, and caregivers to provide education and support, facilitating access to the latest research, innovations and treatments, and advocating for better care for all.

Visit to learn more about their groundbreaking national policy framework on heart failure and

About Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition that develops when your heart doesn’t pump enough blood for your body’s needs. This can happen if your heart can’t fill up with enough blood or when your heart is too weak to pump properly. Heart failure can be caused by many factors like infections, genetics, or be a side effect of other heart conditions like hypertension or heart disease.

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