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Kyrie Irving Makes Bold Claim to Boston Celtics Fan After Dallas Mavericks’ Game 2 Loss



There’s clearly a bit of spite between Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics. The Dallas Mavericks star is playing his former club in the NBA Finals, an opportunity plenty of star players would love to take and prove they are in a better situation.

Amid “Kyrie sucks!” chants in Game 2, though, the Celtics fans proved they’re still not over Irving’s tenure or him stomping on Lucky in Boston’s center court after he joined the Brooklyn Nets. This left Irving to respond following the Mavericks’ 105-98 loss in Game 2.

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While walking off the court following defeat, it appeared Kyrie Irving was telling Celtics fans he would see them in Game 5. Down 2-0, Irving and the Mavericks are not guaranteed to take the trip back to the East Coast. With the series headed to Dallas, the Mavericks must win one of the two games on their home floor to see the Celtics fans again.

This is a bold claim for Irving, who has been subpar through the first two games of the NBA Finals. Posting 12 points in Game 1 and 16 points in Game 2, Irving simply isn’t doing enough against his former club right now.

Luka Doncic has not had enough offensive help from his team all series, and it starts with his co-star Irving. The former Celtics and current Mavericks star guard is shooting 35 percent from the field and is 0/8 on 3-pointers through the two games.

Sure, the Mavericks might return to Boston for a Game 5, but unless they win both games in Dallas and Irving steps up consistently to help out Doncic, it won’t matter much. Irving might even see Boston celebrate their favorite team hoisting the Larry O’Brien for the 18th time.

Needless to say, there is plenty of pressure on the Mavericks heading to Dallas, and Irving, who has lost his last 12 games against the Celtics, to turn things around.

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