Friday, March 1, 2024

King Charles’s 11-minute RAF exercise plan – does it really work?

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“Callisthenic exercises are more functional than ones involving gym equipment,” says Jordan Griffith, a personal trainer and the founder of Ignite Fitness in south-west London. “A press-up will utilise a larger muscle group than using a chest press machine. 

“In fact, the three central movements in the 5BX workout activate a large number of muscles and joints in a really simple and convenient way. Between the press-up, sit-up and back lift you’re using your abs, your glutes, your hip flexors, your shoulders, your chest and more. It ticks a lot of boxes,” says Griffith.

My usual exercise routines eat up so much of my time: travelling to the gym, coming home, showering, getting changed. I like the idea of not really needing to go anywhere. I also like the idea of sticking to the manageable (and oddly specific) 11-minute timeframe. Ten minutes is clearly too little, 12 minutes would be over-doing things. But 11 minutes? That’s the sweet spot. “Doing time-specific programmes is great psychologically,” says Griffith. “It means you know right from the start how long you will be working out for. It’s predictable so you can always make time in the schedule for it. 

“Whatever your fitness level, you just squeeze as many repetitions as you can into that timeframe.”

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