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Jersey cricket boss Paul Hutchinson eyes T20 series win over Denmark – BBC Sport



Image caption, Jersey beat Denmark by 28 runs when the two sides faced one another in a T20 World Cup qualifier in Scotland last summer

Jersey head coach Paul Hutchison says he is targeting a series victory when they take on Denmark this weekend.

The three T20 internationals at Svanholm Park in Brondby are the islanders’ first matches of the year.

The games, along with matches in Guernsey later this month, are preparations for Jersey’s European qualifiers of the 2026 T20 World Cup in Germany next month.

“I’m really happy with where the lads are at currently and it’s exciting to see where we can take this group as well.”

Jersey have included Wellington opener Nick Greenwood, Glamorgan’s Asa Tribe and Julius Sumerauer, who is on Leicestershire’s books, while UK-based players such as Jonty Jenner and Josh Lawrenson will also take part.

“We’ve got lads who’ve got extreme power – they can whack it out the park and make it look entertaining for the crowds,” Hutchison said.

“We’ve got people with serious skill when they’ve got the ball in their hand, we’ve got lads who bowl various different slower balls and who can bowl quickly, over 80 miles per hour, so it’s really exciting.”

Charles Perchard (capt), Dan Birrell, Dominic Blampied, Charlie Brennan, James Dunford, Nick Greenwood, Jonty Jenner, Josh Lawrenson, Will Perchard, Scott Simpson, Julius Sumerauer, Asa Tribe, Zak Tribe, Ben Ward.

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