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Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma forgoes bonus for equal pay among support staff



Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma forgoes bonus for equal pay among support staff

The T20 World Cup winning captain Rohit Sharma displayed admirable generosity by reportedly offering to forgo his INR 5 crore bonus in order to support the staff who played a crucial role in India‘s T20 World Cup 2024 triumph. Rohit wanted to ensure that the entire support staff received more bonus prize prioritizing collective recognition over personal reward.

Unhappy with the support staff’s bonus amounts, Sharma has offered to deduct from his own bonus in order to increase the payouts for the support staff. However, Sharma did not specify which individual support staff members should receive the bonus increase.

According to sources, one of the members who traveled with the T20 World Cup champions praised Rohit Sharma, stating that others should emulate the Indian captain’s appreciation for the support staff.

“Rohit Sharma vocally advocated for the support staff to receive higher compensation in the distribution of the 125-crore prize money, even offering to forgo his own bonus in their favor,” revealed a support staff member.

The BCCI awarded Team India a staggering cash prize of INR 125 crore – a sum six times greater than the ICC’s total prize pool for the T20 World Cup 2024, which stood at just INR 93.52 crore.

BCCI also announced that each of the 15 players in the India squad and head coach Rahul Dravid will receive INR 5 crore, while the coaching staff will be awarded INR 2.5 crore and the support staff will receive INR 2 crore each.

Rahul Dravid suggested the BCCI to lower his INR 5 crore bonus to INR 2.5 crore, and advocated for equal bonus for the rest of the coaching staff. Dravid urged the BCCI to allocate the cash prize equitably among the coaches who played a significant role in helping the Indian team win the T20 World Cup title.

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