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Imaginative Shopping Platforms : walmart realm



Imaginative Shopping Platforms : walmart realm

Walmart Realm is an immersive new online shopping platform that shares nostalgic games and imaginative virtual environments curated by social media influencers. Each of the interactive shopping realms is inspired by a different theme and linked to a different influencer: the underwater world of So Jelly was curated by @Maiphammy, @makenzieandmalia’s Y’allternative takes cues from vintage Americana and Go Chromatic is a beauty and fashion destination made possible with input from @the.navarose.

On LinkedIn, Walmart CMO William White shared that Walmart Realm “pushes boundaries as a first-of-its-kind digital shopping experience with influencer-led virtual shops in immersive worlds. It’s fantastical, it’s inspirational, and simply put, it’s a lot of fun.”

Created with technology from Emperia, Walmart Realm is a virtual shopping platform that transforms every shopping journey into an adventure.

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