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If You’re A Chronic Over-Packer, These 29 Travel Products May Help You Save Space



Here’s what it comes with: Inside your mini wallet, you’ll find a lip balm, hair tie, two floss pics, a bandage, emery board, two safety pins, a sewing kit, two earring backs, a makeup wipe, two bobby pins, two mints, deodorant wipe, another cleaning wipe, tampon, hand sanitizer, and pain relief medicine.

Anne Cate is a small Ohio-based business that sells city-skyline-themed accessories and journaling supplies. Their product lineup features 100 hand-designed skylines from various cities and colleges worldwide!

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Danielle Healy swears by this kit and said: “I, your resident forgetful person, bought the NYC skyline version of this at the start of COVID-19 to keep in my work tote. Unfortunately, I haven’t touched my work tote in months because…*gestures at the world around*…but it’s a really handy kit I know will save me a ton whenever I regularly leave the house again. Everything from Anne Cate is super high quality. The wallet on its own is adorable and could be used for a million different things.” 

Get it from Anne Cate for $25 (available in dozens of styles).

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