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I Shop at Dollar Tree: Here Are My 5 Frugal Favorites



Dollar Tree

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You may not realize it in the moment, but those little shopping trips to grocery stores, convenience stores and online retailers can quickly add up. Spending an extra $10 per week on small items adds up to over $500 per year and might be the difference between buying holiday gifts with ease and stressing over your budget.

One way to save money is by scooping up deals at discount stores like Dollar Tree.

Melissa Pedigo, an accountant and founder of A CPA Writes, is a Dollar Tree fan who saves money by buying certain items at this store that get the job done just as well as most higher-priced alternatives.

Helium-Filled Balloons

Buying balloons might seem like a trivial expense, but if you’re planning a party for your kids, for example, you’ll see these can easily add up.

“Around me, there aren’t many places that sell them,” Pedigo said. “The main grocery store chain does but also charges $6 to $7 for each balloon. Birthday balloons are a novelty, not a necessity.”

In other words, for something only lasting a short time anyway, you might be better off saving money by buying these balloons at Dollar Tree.

Greeting Cards

If you purchase greeting cards for year-round occasions, buying them from Dollar Tree could be an effective cost-saver. Similar to balloons, cards are often tied to fleeting occasions. By purchasing them at Dollar Tree, you’ll express the same sentiment, but save money while doing so.

“Most people aren’t going to keep the birthday card you give them,” Pedigo said, “so why spend $5 to $8 on one that ends up in the garbage when you can find a nice, funny, sentimental — whatever feeling you’re trying to emote — card for cheap at Dollar Tree?”

Movie Theater Snacks

Need something to nibble on while watching a movie? Dollar Tree is great for picking up some sweet treats, which will cost less than the premium-priced food at the theater.

“The small boxes and packages are perfect for stuffing in my purse when going to the cinema,” Pedigo said.

Shipping Supplies

While shipping prices have been on the rise, one thing that could save you money is keeping the cost of supplies low. Whether you’re mailing something to a relative across the country, or your job requires it, these supplies can sometimes cost more than the item being shipped. The good news is Dollar Tree supplies can help keep your costs down.  

“I sell things on eBay and Amazon, and Dollar Tree has sturdy small cardboard boxes and padded mailing envelopes that work well for shipping small things,” Pedigo said.

So, before you purchase boxes or envelopes from the shipping carrier, it might be worth visiting your local Dollar Tree.

Home Organizers

If you’re looking to tidy up, Dollar Tree is a great place to find the tools you’ll need to spruce up your space.

“Dollar Tree has nice plastic storage bins for organizing desk drawers, bathroom drawers or kitchen cupboards,” Pedigo said. “They offer several different shapes, sizes and colors.”

And you don’t have to sacrifice quality when saving money on these items at Dollar Tree.

“I recently bought some 12-inch by 12-inch collapsible storage cubes to organize the top shelf of my closet,” she added. “They are sturdy and hold their shape and were a fraction of the cost of buying similar ones on Amazon or Target.”

So, if you’re looking to get organized without breaking the bank, Dollar Tree might be just the place to start. 

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