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I Rarely Shop on Amazon, but Even I Can’t Resist These 5 Summer Finds



I like to shop, but I don’t shop for myself all that often. When I do, I tend to fall back on my go-to brands, like Cariuma, Spanx, and you know, the occasional designer buy here and there (because we deserve it!). I don’t catch myself on Amazon all that often, but I’d be remiss not to say that its convenience and sheer assortment of products has, well, enthralled me, especially ahead of the busy summer season when I have lots of big plans ahead.

Traveling is at the top of my summer list, as is my wedding—the reason I’ll be traveling to Italy in a few months. Most of the things I need pertain to these plans, as you’ll see below, but some are items I spotted and simply couldn’t pass up because a) a customer review won me over, as is the case with the Bronner Brothers hair growth oil that shoppers say made their hair “grow like a weed” or b) I’ve dealt with a frustration enough times to take action, like how I’m done freezing my butt off on plane (thanks to this Amazon buy).

Below, shop all the things I couldn’t pass up on Amazon, including a game-changing travel pillow, luxe-looking shower curtain, and those famous sneakers that have even won over flight attendants (wow!). 

5 Editor-Approved Amazon Summer Essentials:

Bronner Brothers Tropical Roots Growth Oil


I’ve been focusing a lot on hair health, regularly incorporating growth-promoting oils into my routine—and TBH, it’s worked wonders on my baby hairs. I’m a big fan of the famous Mielle Rosemary Oil, but now I have my sights set on Bronner Brother’s Tropical Roots Growth Oil because it’s such a good deal. I was actually inspired to buy it by this article, and the fact that it makes shoppers’ hair “grow like a weed,” aka, fast and long. I have high hopes!

Merokeety Knit Bodycon Midi Dress


Comfy travel dress? Secured. This super cute, easy-to-wear option from Merokeety immediately won me over because it looks so stylish, but also so incredibly comfy—aka, it’s the perfect airport look thanks to its stretchy, move-with-you ribbed material that’s flattering, too. On the plane, I can wear it with an oversized sweatshirt, but once I step off, I can simply remove said layer, slip into chunky sandals, and drink my Aperol spritz in style.

EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow


I’m traveling a lot this summer, with the first big trip being for my wedding in Italy. But the past few months alone, I’ve flown thousands of miles, and I always—and I mean always—make the same mistake: I don’t dress properly for the chilly airplane A/C. But not this time; for my upcoming 8-hour travels to Venice, I’ll be bringing this EverSnug travel pillow and blanket along for the ride. Those thin, flimsy airplane blankets just don’t cut it, nor does the pillow most provide—not to be a bridezilla, but I want to fly comfortably en route to my wedding. I have a feeling this will totally be a game changer. 

Dr. Scholl’s Time-Off Sneaker


Comfy sneakers are my M.O., especially for summer travels. I own another pair of Dr. Scholl’s kicks, but I’ve been so curious to try this Time-Off style after reading rave review after rave review—not to mention, they’re flight attendant-approved, too. If they’re good enough for those who have to run through the airport and stand for hours at 35,000 feet in the air, they’re good enough for my walks around the Big Apple. 

Naturoom Beige Shower Curtain


You know when you get bitten by the redecorating bug? No? Just me? Every spring, I get the urge to renew my home, and this time, it was time to give my bathroom a quick and easy refresh. Said quick and easy refresh came in the form of a new linen shower curtain, and let me tell you, if you ever want to amp up your shower, this is an easy way to do it. Not to mention, this $27 linen find from Naturoom could easily cost triple the price—it’s so high quality.

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