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How Mars In Taurus Aligning With Pluto Retrograde Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope On June 11



On Tuesday, June 11, Mars in Taurus will align with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius bringing up obstacles to manifesting your forever love and affecting each zodiac sign’s daily love horoscope.

Even on the path of your destiny, there will always be obstacles, challenges, and moments that make you question everything. This isn’t because you don’t deserve love or even because somehow the universe has it out for you, but instead because this is how you prove that you will never accept less. 

Dig deep into your desires, know without a shadow of a doubt what it is you want and then see each obstacle that arises as a chance for transformation so you can finally receive all you’ve ever wanted. Know your worth, and then trust that there is no reason to fear having your dreams become the reality you get to live.

How Mars in Taurus aligning with Pluto retrograde affects each zodiac sign’s love horoscope on June 11:


You are known as the leader of the zodiac, but you’ve let the opinions of others outweigh yours for far too long. Just because it seems it’s challenging to manifest the love you want or even take that serendipitous step forward into change doesn’t mean it’s not meant for you. Rise to any challenge that you encounter and never give up hope on knowing that who you want wants you just as much.

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Break free from thinking that there is anything in particular that you should be doing in this moment. There are no rules or standards for love — instead, it comes down to knowing what you actually want. Don’t be afraid to change your mind or even your relationship, because facing what you’ve been trying to avoid opens the door to deeper intimacy.

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Don’t block your own blessings, dear Gemini. You have come so far and have built so much to be grateful for. Now is not the time to start giving up or wondering why you’ve put in as much energy as you have. This is your chance to recommit to your path, to continue your progress and work and to remember that you are heading in the right direction — you just need to trust yourself more.

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The love that will really feel better than your dreams, may not come as you expected it would. While it’s important to know what you want, you also need to leave enough space to be able to create room for magic. And maybe a part of that is also letting yourself simply find joy in love again. Don’t let love feel like a chore or work, when it should be your respite from everything else in life. Listen to your heart, and don’t let any old expectations ruin the potential for a great love.

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It’s never easy to really embrace and accept the truth, especially when it comes to matters of love. But there is something big you’ve been ignoring or trying to avoid. This truth is either yours personally about what you really want or what you already know in your current relationship. You can’t ignore this, as the secrets will eventually become the block you just can’t get over. Try to be proactive, listen to yourself and, most importantly, speak transparently with your partner.

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You need a break. And it might not even be a break from your partner per se, but just time for yourself. You can’t think clearly or even listen to your heart if you’re constantly fielding day-to-day activities and conversations. You need space to clear your mind, to go someplace beautiful and start filling your own cup. Even if it doesn’t seem life supports time for yourself at this point, remember that it is essential for the health of your relationship.

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Dare to give yourself everything you’ve always wanted, Libra. You deserve it, and truthfully, you’ve suffered enough when it comes to love. Even though you’ve always had the best intentions it doesn’t mean that serves as a guarantee everything will work out. But now, you are being presented with an irresistible offer that will bring you want you’ve always wanted. Just don’t spend time overthinking it, or you just might miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Freedom is love. And you, Scorpio, are in need of finally feeling free of everything that has weighed you down. While the universe is supporting you in this process, you will need to actively choose the path that will lead to your dreams. There really are no obstacles other than how you perceive situations. So, if you want more freedom in your relationship, home, or life, then it’s up to you to create it. And once you do, don’t bother looking back.

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It can be challenging to genuinely express all that you think or even feel. While you crave experiences, translating that into emotional conversations, especially with your partner, can be challenging. But it’s time to rise to the occasion and approach your relationship with the same level of emotional maturity you’re hoping to receive from your partner. Speak to the point that you become nervous, but then keep talking, because that is where the breakthrough will happen.

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You will have to decide what matters most to you. No one else can do that for you, nor can they prove that they should be more of your priority. Be mindful of focusing on matters it may feel like you have more control over right now like career or finances, instead of investing more into your romantic life. You may not feel you can achieve success in the same way in your personal life, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less sweet once you do.

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It’s time to put it all on the table. Not just in terms of what you’ve been keeping to yourself but in who you’ve become since you began your relationship. You have changed, and so has your partner, so you’re both not the same people that met all that time ago. But that doesn’t mean you’re incompatible, but only that you might need to reacquaint yourself with these new versions of yourself – and once you do, you won’t have any more doubts.

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You have to learn when overthinking is actually working at your disadvantage. You don’t need to solve the world’s mysteries or even get to the bottom of everything that makes your partner tik. Let yourself be able to pull back from worrying or going too deep into the rabbit hole of what if, and simply try to be more present. When you do, you just may find any issues you were feeling, were simply in your head.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.

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