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How Climate Change WILL Affect Your 2024 Travel Plans



How Climate Change WILL Affect Your 2024 Travel Plans


  • Extreme weather is threatening popular travel destinations, making Northern Europe and other colder spots more appealing.
  • Travel trends are shifting towards more eco-friendly options, like traveling by land and using reusable items.
  • Climate change will impact travel plans in 2024, so being prepared and respectful of the environment is key.

With 2024 slated to be the hottest year on record, the planet’s extreme weather fluctuations are taking a serious toll on travel. While there are some natural attractions that we will certainly lose in our lifetime due to global warming (many US cities will be underwater by 2050), other places will start to take precedence as Northern Europe and other colder destinations look more attractive.

If you don’t think that climate change will attract your travel plans in 2024, think again. Preparing for what could occur and how climate change will impact travel is a great way to prepare yourself for the inevitable.


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Natural Weather Events May Make Travel Dangerous

Traveling to the tropics comes with all sorts of perks, like balmy weather, idyllic seas, and a fun local vibe, but you can also run into some of the most extreme weather in the world. Hurricanes are common in this part of the planet, and while some Caribbean islands are hurricane-free, others are not so lucky. Hurricanes have even wiped entire Hawaiian islands off the map in the past, so they’re nothing to play around with.

Tropical places aren’t the only spots where extreme weather is ruining travel plans. Many popular European cities have dealt with massive heat waves, disrupting regular summer travel. Similarly, India has been coping with extreme weather, and China has seen some record droughts recently.

Many of these countries are victims of the heat dome phenomenon, where exceptionally hot weather is trapped above a particular area.

More Extreme Weather Conditions:

Droughts, heat dome phenomenon, hurricanes

Areas Affected:

Much of Central and Western Europe, Tropical Regions, Southeast and South Asia

Top Travel Tip:

If you’re traveling to one of these affected areas, it’s good to have a backup


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Prepare for a shift in the way that we travel

One of the top things you can expect to see as extreme weather jeopardizes safety and conditions in many previously popular destinations is that travelers will start to migrate further north. Northern Europe is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for people who want a scenic European escape without the heat waves, and it’s full of plenty of great cities for solo travelers and families alike.

Think about places like Scotland, Denmark, and Sweden as you plan your next vacation. Canada is another excellent spot for United States-based travelers. It’s relatively close and easy to get to, and it has tons of fantastic national parks.

Top Travel Trends:

Heading to northern destinations, traveling during the shoulder season

Excellent New Destinations:

Canada, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark

Top Travel Tip:

Consider booking a trip to a tropical destination in the off-season

One other way to avoid crowds and extreme weather is to travel during the shoulder season. Hotter destinations, like Southern Europe, cool off a bit in the late spring and early fall months, making it ideal for hitting the beach without having to worry about sunstroke.

Balancing Travel And Eco-Friendliness

Be a responsible steward of the environment and enjoy travel to the fullest

There are several different ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint, be a good champion of the environment, and still have the time of your life abroad. Traveling by land whenever possible is one of the best ways to cut back on your environmental impact, and you’ll get to see a lot more of the country while you’re doing it.

Investing in reusable coffee cups and staying away from plastic whenever possible is another excellent bet, and packing light can cut back on your airplane’s carbon footprint if you do need to fly.


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Shopping locally and patronizing local excursions is another way to give back to the community and reduce your environmental impact. One of the critical things to keep in mind as you travel this upcoming season is to try to be as respectful as possible of the place that you visit, which includes being sensitive to any recent major disasters that might have happened there and avoiding visiting any places that might be currently impacted, or recovering from weather events.

Ways to Reduce Your Footprint:

Pack light, travel over land, and use reusable coffee cups instead of disposable ones

Importance of Shopping Local:

You’ll save money, help the local population, and have a more authentic experience

Top Travel Tip:

Use an eco calculator to determine what your footprint will be

A little kindness and compassion will undoubtedly go a long way in helping you and your hosts feel as good as possible.

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