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Gurman: iOS 18 to bring generative AI photo editing, improved Siri and overhauled notifications – news



Apple’s WWDC 24 is just around the corner and Cupertino is widely expected to introduce its AI-powered iOS 18 touted as “one of the biggest overhauls in iOS history”.

The latest report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman details more of the new AI features expected to launch with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. These include AI-powered Safari, Photos and Notes as well as enhanced Siri and notifications with smart recaps. Apple is said to bring AI photo retouching, overhauled Safari web search, and improved Spotlight search with faster and more reliable results.

Siri is getting a big overhaul with more natural-sounding voice interactions based on Apple’s in-house LLM. Messages and emails will get automatically generated replies based on conversations. Smart recaps will bring summaries for missed notifications and messages as well as web pages, notes, and documents.

Users will also get the option to transcribe voice recordings directly. Apple is also working on auto-generated custom emojis which will be separate from the existing set of emojis and will appear as suggestions as you type.

Apple’s new set of AI features is known internally as “Project Greymatter” and Gurman specifies that less intensive AI tasks will run on the devices while more resource-demanding ones will be sent to the cloud. Gurman also specifies that iPhone, iPad, and Mac chips released in the last year will be capable of running the new AI features.

We also get more confirmation of the redesigned home screen which will let users place app icons anywhere on the screen and also change their background color.


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