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Google Maps Adds Speedometer and Speed Limits on iOS and CarPlay



Google Maps Adds Speedometer and Speed Limits on iOS and CarPlay

Google is finally adding a speedometer and speed limits to the Google Maps app for iOS, TechCrunch has learned. These features first came to the Android version of Google Maps in 2019, so it only took Google five years to bring them to iOS (and CarPlay).

The new Speedometer in Google Maps for iOS can be turned on and off by going to  Settings > Navigation settings > Driving options. Once enabled, it will show how fast you’re driving on the road, and the Speed Limits feature will make the speedometer change colors when drivers go over the speed limit. The Speed Limits feature isn’t available in all locations, however.

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Google emphasized on a support page that “external factors may cause the Maps Speedometer to differ from your actual speed.” In other words, drivers should always keep an eye on their vehicles’s speedometer to check their actual driving speed.

Apple’s Maps app on iOS, which is preinstalled and better integrated into the system, has speed limits information (again, not in all locations) but no speedometer or speed limit alerts. Overall, these new Google Maps features, which are now rolling out gradually, should make the app an even better alternative to Apple Maps on iPhones, especially for CarPlay users.

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