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Young Canadian golfer keeps winning

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Michelle Xing, 15, has had quite a year, and it’s only mid-July.

In March, she won the junior girls’ division of the Will Lowery Junior Championship, an American Junior Golf Association event, in North Carolina. In April, she won another American Junior Golf Association event, the Greenwood Junior Championship, in South Carolina. In May, she won the NextGen Junior Girls Championship, a Golf Canada event. And in early July, she won the PGA Women’s Championship of Canada playing against professional golfers.

Not bad for a 15-year-old.

Pro golfers are using a nine-wood

A couple of years ago I started using a nine-wood. It has about the same loft as a four-iron, but is much easier to use. I use it everywhere: off the tee, off the fairway and out of the rough. It is an amazingly versatile club.

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Although I think it was designed to help mid- and high-handicap players like me, professional golfers like Dustin Johnson and Tommy Fleetwood are using it too. And, according to a recent Golf Digest article, “a handful of players at the U.S. Women’s Open carried nine-woods.”

Oakwood Resort Golf Course

Sean Maguire shot a two-over-par 31 to take the low gross score among A Flight players during the Men’s League competition on Thursday, July 4. Norm Middaugh had a 34, and Roger Wallis and Jeff Liley each shot a 36.

In the B Flight, Peter Haist had the lowest gross score with a six-over-par 35, followed by Randy Mason and Bruce Minielly, who each shot 39, and Tom Parker who shot a 41.

Norm Middaugh’s shot was closest to the pin on #6 and Jeff Liley had the longest putt on #5. Birdies were recorded by Jim Orlock, Mike Tudrick, Paul Louie and Bruce Minielly.

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White Squirrel Golf Club

One hundred and twenty-one golfers participated in the club’s Men’s League on Tuesday, July 4. Leroy Meloche put his ball closest to the hole on #9 and Travis Cressman slugged the longest drive on #17.

Nellie Dekoker took only 14 putts over nine holes when the Ladies’ Partee League met on Wednesday, July 3. Nettie Pachlarz and Joanne Matthew took the closest-to-the-pin awards when the Thursday Ladies’ League met July 3.

David Brickman had the longest putt on #13 and Bob Evans was closest to the pin on #18 when the Senior Men’s League met on Monday, July 8.

Exeter Golf Club

Jane McLean had the longest drive on #2 among A Flight players during the Tuesday, July 10, Ladies’ League event. Among B Flight players, it was Darlene Carter. Luanne McCarthy took it for the C Flight and Nancy Mills in the D Flight.

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Rob Van Heukelom shot a nice three-over-par 39 to take the low gross honours among A Flight players when the Senior Men’s League met on Thursday, July 4. Gary Campbell was one shot back at 40. Rob Snell, with a 41, recorded the lowest gross score among B Flight players. In the C Flight, it was John Hayman and David Prouty with matching 44s. Tom Creech walked away with low gross honours in the D Flight with a 50. Jerry Elmquist’s tee shot was closest to the hole on #3, and on #6 it was Al Brown.

Jesse Burton, of the A Flight, shot a three-over-par 39 to turn in the lowest gross score of the 64 golfers who took part in the Men’s League on Monday, July 8. John Snell of the B Flight was one shot back with a 40. Leon Cormier of the D Flight recorded a five-over-par 41.

Ken Gosleigh was the only player among either the A Flight or B Flight players of the Men’s League to win a skin, and it was for $30. In the C and D Flight, $8.50 skins were awarded to David Robinson, Kevin Mann, Rob Morrissey and Brett Bowerman.

Larry Johns was closest to the pin on #3. On #6 it was the league’s president Michael Burton. Leon Cormier’s Huron Tractor sponsored the Men’s League’s July 8 competition.

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