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Gayle King Says Oprah Was Hospitalized Over Stomach Bug, Stuff ‘Out of Both Ends’



Gayle King

Oprah Landed in Hospital …

Stuff Was Coming Outta Both Ends!!!

Oprah Winfrey was MIA from CBS this week, despite previously being announced as a guest to plug a new book — and the reason is simple … she was pooping and barfing.

O’s bestie Gayle King got a little TMI during “CBS Mornings” Tuesday — where she and the other anchors were hosting author David Wroblewski … who’s got a new book out that Oprah trotted out as the latest addition to her famed book club.

Gayle explained Oprah’s absence — saying she’d caught a bad stomach bug that landed her in the hospital. Then, a bit more detail about how it was affecting her … and it’s gnarly.

She explained … “She had some kind of stomach thing — stomach flu — stuff was coming out of both ends. I won’t get too graphic. Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV, it was a very serious thing.”

Oprah’s on the mend, according to Gayle — who hoped her BFF wasn’t rattled she put her health news on blast. GK also said she hoped O wouldn’t mind this info was out there. 😅

Thankfully, David was unfazed by Oprah’s absence, as he happily promoted his new work, “Familiaris,” on the morning program.

It also probably helps that O had already talked about his book on social media, with a pretty solid caption that highlighted how good of a read it is.

As far as Gayle dishing the dirty deets about Oprah’s crap … hey, they’re like sisters — and all our siblings embarrass us sometimes. No harm, no foul!

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