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Gable Steveson Begins NFL Journey with Buffalo Bills After WWE Exit



Gable Steveson joined WWE few years ago and underwent training through dark matches, facing uncertainty about his status on WWE television. However, he was later released by WWE and subsequently signed with the Buffalo Bills. Steveson has now embarked on his journey in the world of the NFL.

Gable Steveson’s release from WWE was a long time coming for many fans, given his difficulty in connecting with audiences. Of course, he is now investing in an entirely different profession.

As reported earlier, Steveson made the jump to the NFL by signing with the Buffalo Bills. It was also noted that the former WWE Superstar is expected to play defensive line as well.

Gable Steveson took to his Instagram and uploaded a photo of himself with his Buffalo Bills gear, as he officially began his journey into the world of NFL, making it clear he is excited for the next chapter of his life.


Regardless, Steveson is clearly focused on his new career following his WWE exit and we’ll have to see if he will find more success in the NFL since his WE career clearly didn’t live up to expectations.

How do you think Gable Steveson’s transition from WWE to the NFL will impact his career trajectory? Are you optimistic about his prospects in football, or do you believe he might face similar challenges as he did in wrestling? Share your thoughts on Steveson’s career shift and his potential for success in the NFL in the comments below!

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