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Flying JetBlue’s private ‘apartment’ suite to Scotland



JetBlue’s Mint Suite has more space than its regular business-class seats.
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images; iStock; Rebecca Zisser/BI

  • I was on JetBlue’s inaugural flight from New York City to Edinburgh.
  • I spent the six-hour trip in its business class “apartment,” called the “Mint Studio.”
  • The studio had a bench, a cabinet with a mirror, and the largest TV of any airline.

It’s not often you get your own apartment in the sky.

When I joined JetBlue for its inaugural flight to Scotland on May 22, I wasn’t expecting to be in its “Mint Studio,” a space my flight attendant described as an “apartment New Yorkers would kill for.” But when I saw “1F” printed on my boarding pass, I knew I was in for a treat.

The front row of business class, the Mint Studio is JetBlue’s most spacious option, with prices from around $4,000. Business Insider paid a press rate of $1,300, including a return flight in the airline’s “Even More Space” economy section.

While the “apartment” makes for a comfortable transatlantic flight, it’s not something I’d splurge on. Here’s what it’s like.

Still, I can’t say it’s much better than its regular Mint seats.

The Mint Suite is a nice way to fly — but I don’t know if I’d splurge on it.
Jordan Parker Erb/BI

The best part of the seat was the bench, which offered some extra space once the seat was laid flat. Even so, I can’t say it’s something I’d spend extra money on.

The flight experience is the same: You get the same food, amenities, and entertainment selections as the rest of Mint. I can see the bench coming in useful for parents traveling with kids, but for anyone just wanting to sleep their way over the Atlantic, the rest of business class gets the job done — for less money.

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