Saturday, February 24, 2024

Fitness-Turned-Christianity Influencer Brittany Dawn Just Addressed Her Upcoming Trial For The First Time

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In the second episode of her podcast, also released on Wednesday, Davis discussed the start of her relationship with her husband, Jordan Nelson. 

She joked that as they began dating, she warned him that he shouldn’t google her name — and he agreed that she shouldn’t google him either. It’s likely that she didn’t want him to find out what’s been said about her in regards to the fitness plan schedule, and it’s possible that he didn’t want her to read about the lawsuit the ACLU filed against him when he was a police officer in 2018 for using excessive force against a Black man.

In both episodes, Davis noted that she wants to share her “testimony” in future episodes, but she can’t until the trial is over. In Christian culture, a testimony is a person’s life story, beginning with their wrongdoing and ending with their decision to dedicate their life to God. 

Regardless of what unfolds before a judge and a jury, Davis is planning to tell her own story.

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