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Father and son teams take to the court for Medicine Hat tennis tournament



Both of his sons are also tennis players and this year, Mason is up in the rotation.

“Mason and I, we’ve played this tournament seven or eight years now. Made it to the final five times. Never got over the hump to win it. But maybe this year is the year,” Calvin said.

“It’s just always fun to play in the tournament, and the fact that you can play with good people in the tournament is a bonus and the fact that you can play with your son in a father’s day tournament is just kind of the cherry on the cake.”

Mason grew up coming to the tennis courts watching his day play and picked up the sport when he was about seven years old.

“Yeah, it’s pretty special. I always enjoy the year when it’s my chance to play with my dad,” Mason said.

“Me and my brother have kind of been rotating year on year off, so I always look forward to it. It’s always a good weekend at tennis.”

Calvin mentioned that he’s had some strong showings at the event with his older son Mitch as well.

“We’ve won it twice. We’ve been to the final twice and won it both times. So it seems either we go all the way or, or we don’t,” Calvin said.

“I’ve had the opportunity to play with both of them.”

Having seen his father win the tournament with his older brother, and not being able to get over the hump in the finals Mason isn’t putting pressure on himself to win.

“Honestly, my expectations, I find I play my best when I don’t have expectations,” Mason said.

“I just go in and try and play my game. That’s pretty much what I do. Don’t let the pressure get to you, just try and come out play the best you can, work hard.”

Calvin said it was easy getting his sons into the sport.

“It just, it kind of happened where they came over during the tournament and they kind of took an interest in it,” Calvin said.

“They started hitting on the hitting wall themselves, started playing with each other. They’re lucky that they’re close in age and close in talent. So they were able to push each other and, yeah, they just kind of took off from there. So lucky to have that.”

The tournament will be all doubles matches.

Calvin’s wife also competing on the women’s side.

Several father son combinations are expected on the courts at the Medicine Hat Tennis Club in Crestwood this weekend.

Calvin said it’s a really good tournament with great sportsmanship and some tough competition.

“Great people playing and good, intense tennis,” Calvin said.

“The Weich, they’re a very tough team. The two brothers have won it and Craig who’s the father has won it with each of his sons. So it’s kind of a unique twist,” he added.

“They are an extremely tough team and there’s been lots of good teams here through the years, but they’re probably the one that stands out in terms of being father son, son.”

Spending some quality time together competing.

The public is welcome to come watch.

There will be a men’s and women’s open and intermediate categories at the event for doubles.

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