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Eric Dane tapped for ‘Countdown’ amid ‘Euphoria’ production delay



Eric Dane is slated to playNathan Blythe, an LAPD officer in Countdown

Eric Dane has been booked to star in Countdown opposite Jensen Ackles and Jessica Camacho.

Deadline reported on Monday, June 11 that the Euphoria star will take on the role of Nathan Blythe, a Special Agent in Charge who’s been with the Bureau for two decades, in the Prime Video’s thriller drama series from One Chicago veteran Derek Haas.

Countdown follows the story of the officers in the Los Angeles Police Department after a suspicious murder took place in broad daylight.

Ackles, playing LAPD officer Mark Meachum, was then recruited into the secret task force of undercover agents from all branches of law enforcement to proceed with the investigation.

However, as the more sinister truth prevails, the team must bridge the gap among themselves and put aside their personal confits to reunite and save their city.

Additionally, Camacho plays the role of Special Agent Amber Oliveras in the 13-episode series.

Although Dane’s casting might shock Euphoria fanatics, HBO allowed the cast in March to sign up for other acting gigs in the wake of production delays.

Reportedly, there have been some hints that the script for season three is in progress with creator Sam Levinson.

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