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Emir of Zazzau seeks attention, funding for horse racing as sport



Emir of Zazzau seeks attention, funding for horse racing as sport

The Emir of Zazzau, in Kaduna State, Ahmad Nuhu-Bamali, has urged the federal and state governments and other stakeholders to accord priority to horse racing in Nigeria.

“It is not too exciting that more attention is now given to other sports, especially football. What I am saying here is that attention to sports is too lopsided in favour of football and this ugly trend should be redressed,” he said during an interview in Kaduna on Wednesday.

Mr Nuhu-Bamali spoke on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the maiden International Horse Racing Derby held in Kaduna.

It was organised by the Horse Racing Federation of Nigeria with the Sarkin Dawakin Nupe, Mustapha Abubakar, as the national coordinator

The horse race had the themed, “Hope Renewed 1st democracy derby 2nd edition under division system race.’’

According to the emir, there is a need for more funding, provision of facilities as well as the sponsorship of more local and intentional horse racing events.

He said,” I am too excited and the event is significant in bolstering national unity and socioeconomic development of the country and Africa. Sports brings people, communities and countries together. This derby will be sustained and replicated.’’

The Emir of Machina in Yobe State, Dr Bashir Bukar, also underscored the importance of sports as a major unifying factor in Nigeria and across the globe.

Mr Bukar urged that horse racing should be made as one of the federation sports in the country sequel to its invaluable significance.

Similarly, the Speaker of the Kaduna State, Yusuf Liman, extolled the keen enthusiasm and passion of the participating youths and horse owners.

“I will use my good offices to attract more attention to horse racing and sports in general,” Mr Liman said.

In his comments, the Kaduna State Commissioner for Sports Development, Prof. Benjamin Kumai-Gugong, said, “Horse racing shows royalty and glamour. In Kaduna State, we will give horse racing a renewed vigour to take it to greater heights.”

Mr Abubakar said that the federation would ensure the sustainability of the event and its replication in parts of Nigeria and Africa.

“We will do everything humanly possible to take horse racing to the next level. Horse racing will be made not only a northern affair but a national and an African affair,” he added.


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