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Dutch operators raise concerns over illegal gambling



A study has found that minors are accessing unlicensed gambling sites.

The Netherlands.- The Dutch gaming affiliate trade group KVA has published the results of research that shows minors are accessing gambling via unlicensed sites. The association has passed its report to the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) and the operator associations VNLOK and NOGA.

The investigation found that underage players could open accounts using only an email address or phone number and immediately access real money gambling products after making deposits from youth bank accounts or anonymously using cryptocurrencies. These methods are prohibited for licensed operators. The KVA warned that illegal casinos were often difficult to distinguish from licensed ones and that some misused the name and corporate identity of legal providers.

VNLOK chair Helma Lodders described the findings as “alarming” and Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of NOGA, said the cases undermine confidence in the regulated gambling sector.

KVA noted that advertising restrictions introduced last year require regulated operates to ensure that 95 per cent of visitors are older than 24. Meanwhile, the Netherlands banned TV, radio, print and untargeted online advertising last. KVA says these measures have caused a major impact on affiliates, requiring significant technical work and costing them contracts with operators in some cases.

Proposed tax hike on gambling

Meanwhile, licensed gambling operators are also facing the prospect of an increase in gambling tax from 30.5 to 37.8 per cent. While coalition parties aim to raise €202m in additional revenue, NOGA has warned that the move could be counterproductive since it could drive more players to unlicensed operators, which don’t pay tax. It’s been suggested that operators are likely to pass the increase on to customers in the form of reduced prizes or weaker odds.

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