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Double-Level Seating: Is This Hybrid First And Business Class The Future Of Air Travel?



The double-decker economy seat was a redefining moment in the aviation industry, rethinking flight configurations and maximising space without compromising comfort through double-level airplanes. Alejandro Núñez Vicente, the mastermind behind that ingenious design and CEO of Chaise Longue, has decided to think out of the box again with another mind-blowing innovation — the “elevated class”.

The young CEO and creator of the double-level economy seat envisions something similar for first-class and business-class seats, creating a new seat configuration that has caught the world’s attention yet again!

Double-level planes with reimagined first and business-class seats

Image credit: Chaise Longue

Image credit: Chaise Longue

Image credit: Chaise Longue

Image credit: Chaise Longue

Image credit: Chaise Longue

Image credit: Chaise Longue

The designer first teased this concept at the Aircraft Interiors Middle East in March 2024. The first “elevated class” prototype was on exhibition at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024 (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany, from May 28-30, 2024.

This hybrid seat aims to elevate the business-class experience by incorporating first-class elements. It moves away from the traditional double-decker airplane concept and introduces a new double-level configuration with the aircraft cabin.

The “elevated class” prototype of the Chaise Longue is a double-level design, in which the lower seat accommodates one passenger while the upper seat is designed for two.

The lower seat offers a private space with walls extending from top to bottom. The spacious seat converts to a flatbed, providing ample sleeping space and legroom. There are no overhead lockers, giving plenty of room to stand, and luggage space is given below the seat. The upper seat features an expansive couch, offering comfortable seating for two passengers, and shares the rest of the design and amenities similar to the lower seat.

While there is no confirmation of the commercial viability of such seat configuration, the unique “elevated class” design concept has generated significant buzz around maximising space optimisation in future aircraft.

(Feature image credit: Chaise Longue)

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