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Don’t be surprised if these 3 NFL teams shock the league in the 2024 season



There are a few teams in the NFL that might not be looked at as being that good for 2024, but don’t count out these clubs. To be fair, all of the power rankings that circulate during the offseason are subjective.

Teams know how good they are and how many they can shock with a breakout season. There are some obvious teams across the league that can content with the breakout status during the 2024 NFL Season. While many things have to go right to be a “breakout” team, one thing is certain:

No team is this league can be a breakout anything without good quarterback play.

These three teams will shock the league in 2024.

The Arizona Cardinals were a frisky team in 2023. The main issue with this team, to me, isn’t their coaching, as I think Jonathan Gannon and his staff were great hires. However, this roster is still missing a good bit of talent, but GM Monti Ossenfort has been up to the job thus far.

The Cardinals still need another strong offseason to make a jump, but 2024 can be a huge building year for this team. They won four games in 2023, and I don’t see what’s stopping them from winning double that in 2024. Kyler Murray is also a very good quarterback, and I believe many people have forgotten about that.

I don’t think people realize how bad Justin Fields is and how much of an upgrade Caleb Williams can be for this franchise. Their defense caught a hot-streak to end the 2023 NFL Season, holding opponents to less than 20 points per game. The offensive line is competent and the wide receiver trio of DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, and Rome Odunze has a ton of potential.

There aren’t a lot of roster holes for the Bears, and beyond a few teams, this conference is wide open. The Bears can indeed compete for a Wild Card spot in the 2024 season.

Laugh at me all you want, but the Denver Broncos did get a QB they were very high on in Bo Nix. Nix fits the Broncos offense like a glove and is going to be a Week 1 starter. I’ve personally seen comparisons to Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Kirk Cousins, and Derek Carr, so Nix’s game is going to translate into the NFL.

Not only did the Denver Broncos get an upgrade at QB over Russell Wilson, but they also added some much-needed talent along the defensive line and in the secondary, the two weakest spots of their roster in 2023. And mind you, the Broncos did still manage to win eight games, so it’s not like this team was in the basement in 2023.

They ended the year going 7-4, so for most of the season, this was a very good football team.

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